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Rainier III Nautical Stadium

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The Rainier III Nautical Stadium is a municipal sports complex located on the Route de la Piscine in the La Condamine district of Monaco, in Port Hercule to be exact. The outdoor swimming pool originally was originally part of the harbour and dates back to at least 1949. In addition, it is open from May to October, with an Olympic pool that has 3,000 m3 of treated seawater, filtered and heated to 26°.

All courses are accessible after registering for a slot via the HEITZFIT app. On the app only the current weeks’ timetable is shown and no more than two course a week can be booked by any one person. Cancellation is possible up to two hours before the start of the event. Any later and you will still be charged for the session.

Please be aware that a valid medical certificate stating you are fit to use the facilities must be provided during your first session. Also,it is strongly advised to be by the pool ten minutes before the session starts, to make sure all equipment can be checked and adjusted if needed.