Sacha Guitry et Monaco

Sacha Guitry (1885-1957), a famous playwright, actor and film-maker, has enjoyed considerable success over the decades. His relationship with the Principality of Monaco was a very long love affair from 1907 to 1957.

As a playwright, film-maker and writer, he has set his works, either completely or just some parts of them, in Monaco, on numerous occasions. For more than ten years, his works have been published by a Monégasque company.

In Monaco, he worked as an actor, film-maker, lecturer and radio host. Finally, Sacha Guitry was a frequent visitor to the Principality’s hotels and the Monte-Carlo casino. For thirty years he also owned a second home in Cap d’Ail, near Monaco. In recognition of his loyalty, the Principality honoured him by making him a Commander of the Order of Saint Charles and by issuing a stamp bearing his image. This book retraces in detail the privileged link between this great artist and Monaco.

  • 2003
  • Charles Floquet
  • French