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Safia El Malqui

© Safia El Malqui

Safia El Malqui was the director of SEM Art, a young Artcompany focusing on promotion of independent artists.

Since establishing the collection she has more recently found the time to pursue an active role in the promotion of Art Geneva & Art Monte-Сarlo fairs, assuming an ambassadorial role that allows her to promote some of the lesser-known galleries and artists who require the exposure of such shows.

She started her collection in 1966 with a design piece by Ron Arad from the Mourmans gallery in Knokke, Belgium.

This collection now comprises more than 400 pieces, including works by Jean Dubuffet and Yves Klein. Safia was able to acquire pieces by the American artist Lucy Dodd.

She sees art as a refuge, but also as a symbol of hope and prosperity. She explains that her collection has grown according to her own values and ideas.

In her gallery she has dedicated an exhibition to Ron Arad, Ettore Sottsass, Magritte, James Ensor and Wim Delvoye.

  • Entrepreneur
  • Belgium