Stolen Summer

© Stolen Summer

You’re invited to spend summer on the French Riviera with Richard, Helen and the Ferguson family. The sequel to Thirty-five minutes from St Tropez is a blend of fear and fun, love and disappointments, country life and glamorous Monaco, Provence and Italy…

As the hot summer continues on the vineyard in Provence, big changes are afoot as Richard and Helen make plans for their son and daughter-in-law to take over managing their rental property. While Richard is in the UK, informing their somewhat difficult daughter of their plans, the first of several upsetting and frightening incidents takes place at their home. Rushing to help, Richard’s brother and his American wife, Cindy, drive to the vineyard from Monaco, and, while keeping Helen company, find the fabulous villa that will become their second home.

In Monaco, grand-daughter Danielle continues to have boyfriend troubles whilst love blossoms for her twin brother and a society heiress as he works on an Italian superyacht. Helen’s sister’s romance with Frenchman Alain continues to bring Joanna great happiness, despite the presence of Alain’s challenging daughter. An unexpected four-legged addition to their family brings great joy.

Family visits, a classic car rally and wedding plans take place against the constant threat of the intruder returning, increased security measures at the vineyard, and the appointment of a private detective. As summer draws to a close, a terrifying event takes place at the vineyard that shakes the family to the core, and leaves Richard feeling heart-broken at his part in the attack.

By the time the grape harvest is in full swing, the family is worn down by the summer’s events but their spirits are lifted by a wedding and everyone spending time together once again, this time in Juan-les-Pins.

The follow-up to debut novel, Thirty-five minutes from St Tropez. Join the Fergusons once again for more sunshine, stunning scenery and family drama.

  • 2017
  • Jane Dunning
  • English