VIDEO. Princess Charlene Foundation launches new appeal to South African donors

Princess CharleĢ€ne South Africa StrongTogether appeal.png
Princess Charlene of Monaco foundation

This morning, HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco released a new video appeal, calling on her South African compatriots to keep donating to her latest #StrongTogether campaign.

In the video, Princess Charlene thanked her Foundation in South Africa and its celebrity ambassadors for the fundraising work they had done so far, as well as the people who had already donated to the #StrongTogether campaign.

45 charities benefitting from the campaign

“I am truly moved by the support and commitment of everyone coming together to help each other,” the Princess said.

She urged viewers to keep donating and help make a difference in their communities, with their donations going toward 45 charities across the country.

The South African branch of the Foundation has been committed to charitable projects since December 2017. The current #StrongTogetherĀ Celebrity Challenge aims to bring together celebrities from arts, culture, music, and sport by challenging each other to raise the most funds for charity.