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The pandemic has caused a surge in cyber-attacks, but Monaco is a step ahead

As Monaco embraces once again remote working, the country has to grapple with a by-product of lockdowns: cyberattacks. The two...

Franck Julien (Monaco’s National Council): “Blockchain offers infinite possibilities”

Member of Monaco’s National Council, Franck Julien is the president of the Commission for Digital Development. We met with Franck...

Jean-Philippe Claret, paving the way for the blockchain revolution

Jean-Philippe Claret’s job titles are a mouthful. President of World of Blockchain Monaco, he is also at the head of...

Frédéric Genta: “We will use blockchain without really being aware of it”

Embrace blockchain, but always in moderation, says Frédéric Genta, Monaco’s Chief Digital Officer. Blockchain is becoming more and more democratic....

Blockchain: is Monaco at the start of a new era?

From 5G to a sovereign cloud and the Extended Monaco project, Monaco’s digital transition is well underway. The Principality now has...

A walk on the bright side: Is optimism the key to business success?

Jean-Philippe Ackermann always looks at the bright side. In fact, being optimistic is Ackermann’s job. He co-manages Grow Up Consulting,...