Born in Monaco

In Born in Monaco, Patrick Faure draws a portrait of Monégasque daily life, as he experienced it growing up in the Principality. There was Madame Véran, whose donkey carried her vegetables to market, Madame Gastaud who sold bread and buns,...

  • Published in 2009
  • Patrick Faure
  • English

Grace de Monaco : La glace et le feu

An ardent and beautiful Oscar-winning star, Grace Kelly made a peculiar decision at the height of her fame: she chose early retirement in sunny Monaco. This investigation – from her birth into a wealthy East Coast family to her tragic...

  • 2013
  • Elizabeth Gouslan
  • French

Grace Kelly – Portrait d’une princesse en artiste

On 13 September 1982, her sudden death at the age of 52 marked the definitive moment that the legend of Grace Patricia Kelly was born, this brilliant Hollywood actress who became Princess of Monaco. “Writing about her is like trying...

  • 2019
  • Stéphane Loisy
  • French

Grace of Monaco: An Interpretive Biography

A biography of Grace Kelly, the daughter of an Irish builder, who made good from the wrong side of Philadelphia. Englund charts her meteoric rise to Hollywood stardom, her work with Hitchcock, her marriage to Rainier of Monaco, her efforts...

  • 1984
  • Steven Englund
  • English

Grace of Monaco: Princess in Dior

Grace Kelly’s life may have transformed from that of a Hollywood star to Princess of Monaco, but her status as a style icon remained constant throughout her life. There is perhaps no better record of this than her close thirty-year-long...

  • 2019
  • Florence Müller
  • English

La véritable Grace de Monaco

A Hollywood star featuring in some films that will forever be part of cinema’s history, Grace Kelly became a legend when she became Princess of Monaco. Her marriage to Prince Rainier in 1956 was one of the most prestigious of...

  • 1999
  • Bertrand Meyer-Stabley
  • French

Mémoires d’un navigateur

“During my career as a sailor, the sea taught me about the laws that govern its role among the forces of the world, and that spread life to the depths of the abyss.” A tale of marine travel, this introductory...

  • 2006
  • Prince Albert I of Monaco
  • French

My Days with Princess Grace of Monaco

Get to know the real Princess Grace, from the first years of her marriage to the last days of her life. “My Days with Princess Grace of Monaco: Our 25-Year Friendship, Beyond Grace Kelly” chronicles what it was like to...

  • 2014
  • Joan Dale, Grace Dale
  • English

Once Upon a Time: Behind the Fairy Tale of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier

From master storyteller J. Randy Taraborrelli comes the powerful and moving story of one of royalty’s most secretive families.Grace Kelly was swept away when the handsome Prince Rainier, a man she barely knew, asked for her hand in marriage. After...

  • 2003
  • J. Randy Taraborrelli
  • English

Palace: My Life in the Royal Family of Monaco

The nephew of Prince Rainier and Charles Higham, the bestselling author of The Duchess of Windsor, tell what really went on behind the glittering fairy tale walls of the palace. Brimming with scandal, romance, and treachery, this is a shocking...

  • 1986
  • Christian De Massy, Charles Higham
  • English

The Fall of Prince Florestan of Monaco

I am Prince Florestan of Wurtemberg, born in 1850, and consequently now of the mature age of twenty-four. I might call myself “Florestan II.” but I think it better taste for a dethroned prince, especially when he happens to be...

  • 2012
  • Charles Wentworth Dilke
  • English