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Mémoires d’un navigateur

© Mémoires d'un navigateur

“During my career as a sailor, the sea taught me about the laws that govern its role among the forces of the world, and that spread life to the depths of the abyss.” A tale of marine travel, this introductory work paints the portrait of a remarkable man: Albert I of Monaco, lover of the sea and the Antarctic, discoverer of distant lands and an ecologist before his time.

A passionate sailor, the man who was Sovereign of the Principality of Monaco from 1889 to 1922 denounced, from the beginning of the 20th century: industrial fishing and its drift nets, both land and ocean pollution, the absurd exploitation of nature by man, unaware of the harm he was doing to himself. The presentation of Prince Albert II of Monaco places the life of his great-great-grandfather in the context of his time and reveals his exemplary integrity. Having left for Spitsbergen in July 2005 to follow in his footsteps, the current Sovereign underlines the modernity of this exceptional heritage, and declares himself not only the heir by blood, but above all by spirit.

  • 2006
  • Prince Albert I of Monaco
  • French