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Grace de Monaco : La glace et le feu

© Grace de Monaco : La glace et le feu

An ardent and beautiful Oscar-winning star, Grace Kelly made a peculiar decision at the height of her fame: she chose early retirement in sunny Monaco. This investigation – from her birth into a wealthy East Coast family to her tragic death – lifts the veil on overlooked aspects of the woman Hitchcock called the “cool blonde” and John Fitzgerald Kennedy dreamed of marrying.

From Philadelphia to Hollywood, from Monaco to Paris, we witness the metamorphosis of a woman. There is, of course, the story of a fairy tale, but this tale is strewn with dark spots. The biographer provides backstage access to an American dream that ends on the Côte d’Azur, where Grace Kelly appears as she was: obsessed by a father who spoke ill of her, a lover (to Clark Gable, Oleg Cassini and others in between), a fulfilled mother and a more than perfect princess.

Based on unpublished testimonies, this bittersweet portrait, liberal in tone and form, is written in a language that modernises its subject and gives back to us the living woman behind the icon.

  • 2013
  • Elizabeth Gouslan
  • French