Beausoleil Cryolipolysis Centre

Dr. Valérie Zammit is a general practitioner, based in Beausoleil since 1995. Cryolipolysis sessions are offered at the practice. The science behind these sessions? Lower the temperature of the bodily fats, keeping them between -9 and -10 °C for a sufficiently short period of time, so as not to cause skin discomfort. This allows the fat to be destroyed. Thus, during the process a suction device is placed on the area containing fatty masses, cooling them for one hour.

In addition, the machine that is used in the centre is one of the few devices that has two skin contact parts so that two areas can be treated at the same time. This method is aimed at both women and men who wish to reshape their figure without having to undergo invasive treatment, diet or a restrictive sports programme. Nevertheless, it is not recommended for pregnant women and or anyone known to suffer side effects from exposure to low temperatures.