Fontvieille park

Fontvieille’s landscaped park surrounds the Chapiteau, a huge fixed marquee type structure for hosting events, and provides the neighbourhood with a landscaped urban park that is much appreciated by families.

Inside the park Mediterranean species such as olive trees, pines and cypresses are found alongside more exotic plant species such as strelitzias, stenocarpus and araucarias. The winding paths – which cross the park – guide walkers along a journey of botanical and cultural discoveries featuring numerous works of art.

Visitors will also be able to discover an educational vegetable garden, the “Smart Flower” and a children’s playground. In addition, the Fontvieille Park has a landscaped pool where many species live together. There are ducks and geese, but also carp of all sizes (which can be seen from the banks of the pond or from the wooden footbridge). You are therefore likely to come across some beautiful sights during your walks, from 9 am to 6 or 7 pm, as opening times vary according to the season.