The Casino Gardens

The gardens of the Société des Bains de Mer are closely linked to the development of part of the Principality of Monaco. Indeed, Monte-Carlo took off around 1893 with the creation of its Casino on the rock of the Spélugues, which until then had been bare and dried out

Designed by the great architect Edouard André, the “French-style” gardens are known for their waterfalls, streams and landscaped exotic ponds. What inspired the artist? Popular ideas about the look of the French Riviera.

At that time, the country was experiencing very warm temperatures. Many people assumed that you could only live in winter. So the gardens were to be laid out from December to March to give the impression of a fiery, tropical flora and an eternal spring. This is also why Edouard André used the natural slope to create a stream with waterfalls, running into a large pond. Since its creation, many details of the general layout have been modified, but on the whole the garden has retained the exotic character that the original architect gave it when he planted those species of subtropical origin.

The space once served as a backdrop, a place overlooking the Casino. However, it has been redesigned into a promenade, allowing visitors to walk through the garden, past pools and terraces, leading down to the Casino.

  • Place du Casino, 98000 Monaco