Zoological Gardens

Founded by Prince Rainier III in 1954 on his return from one of his trips to Africa, the garden covers one hectare in the heart of the Principality.

Although mainly home to primates, there are a number of other species here too. In total, there are between 250 and 300 animals per hectare. In other words, around 70 species. In addition, five species were transfered from the St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat Zoo when it closed down in 2009.

Today, this park remains one of the last royal menageries in the world. It is home to small mammals, hippos, reptiles, farm animals and many birds. In luxuriant and tropical grounds, pink flamingos and various ducks, as well as two families of Ouistitis and Tamarins live here.

Open from 10am to 12 noon and then from 2pm to 5pm, the park may also be visited during school holidays. However, the last entry is 45 minutes before the closing time of the garden. Please know that none of the animals in the park have been bought. The animals come from donations, circuses, abandoned animals or animals seized by customs. Furthermore, when the park’s facilities are no longer able to provide the best living conditions for the animals, they will be transferred to other, more suitable locations.

  • 5 Boulevard du Larvotto, 98000 Monaco