New Generation Festival

Prince Rainier III created the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival in 1974 to give support to the art of the Circus and its families. This was followed by the creation of the New Generation festival for young artists based on an initiative from the Organising Committee.

Each year, well-balanced tightrope walkers compete with jugglers’ prowess and acrobats’ agility. Young trainers and their animals entertain on the circus floor, whilst clowns delight children and adults alike. There are performances by so many young talents who are destined for greatness

In a few words New Generation Festival is a competition for young artists performing before the Junior Jury and the International Jury chaired by Pauline Ducruet. What’s the catch? The Golden Junior, the Silver Junior or the Bronze Junior. The one and only circus competition organized for young artists, New Generation allows its participants: to perform their act in front of an audience and to do it on a real circus ring. This location is the very same stage used fror the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival.