Monaco Art en Ciel

Every summer, four evenings of fireworks are planned from Port Hercule, which the public can watch from Quai Albert I. This international fireworks competition, the very first on the French Riviera, was created by the Monaco City Council in 1966.

This is the first award-winning competition created on the Côte d’Azur. Of all the fireworks festivals around the world, this is the one that has brought together the greatest variety of nationalities and competitors to date. In addition, since 1996, the competition became pyrotechnic, then pyromelodic. Thus, rhythm and music are added to the fireworks. A high-powered public address system is installed throughout Port Hercule. The objective? Allow the public to enjoy the spellbinding shows on Quai Albert 1er.

Name change in 2018. Through “Monaco Art en Ciel”, the Town Hall wished to give this prestigious event a real identity, where it would be known for lighting up the Monégasque sky with beautiful fireworks during four high quality pyrotechnic shows. Photoshoots are scheduled for the fireworks too: two shots are scheduled in July (at 10 pm) and two shots in August (at 9:30 pm). Before and after each shooting, at 8.30 and 10.20 pm in July and 8 and 9.50 pm in August, free concerts will be given.

The pyrotechnicians, after having stated heir interest, are chosen by the City Council. The four selected companies will express their art from Quai Rainier III (the semi-floating dike) and will give performances of around twenty minutes each. Every five years, the winners of the last few competitions return to Monaco for the winners’ competition. Please note that this event is organised by the Espace Léo Ferré teams.