Sonia Irvine

© Sonia Irvine

Known as the woman who throws the best party in the world, Sonia Irvine created and runs Amber Lounge and Amber Summer. Aside from being the ultimate VIP event of Formula 1, the Amber Lounge has a list of celebrities hoping to get a coveted spot in one of the many locations around the world.

Settled in Monaco for more than ten years, Sonia Irvine has made a life for herself doing what she loves in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

The secret to developing your personal style is to always keep an open mind and let yourself be inspired by different people, styles and cultures from all over the world.

F1 is her greatest source of inspiration: “I have a lot of respect for the people who work in this industry and admire their incredibly high standards – everything has to be done yesterday. It’s stressful but very satisfying.”

The ultimate luxury for Sonia Irvine is time: “Having tiem to be at home and spend quality time with my children”.

  • Businesswoman
  • United Kingdom