The Vengeance of She

© The Vengeance of She

A beautiful young European girl, Carol, is taken over by the spirit of mysterious Ayesha, queen of the lost city of Kuma.

Carol, a young woman who has no memory of her past, is troubled by dreams that assail her day and night, bringing her back to a city lost in the middle of the desert. She seems to be pursued by a curse as all those who approach her suffer a terrible fate. After accidentally killing a truck driver who wanted to rape her, the young woman finds herself on the beach in Monte Carlo. She smuggles herself aboard the yacht of a businessman, George. She also meets his wife Sheila and Philip, a doctor. In secret, the sorcerer Men-Hari, who desires immortality, has promised Killikrates, the ruler of Kuma, the city of sands, to bring him the reincarnation of his beloved Ayesha. He bewitches the young woman so that she returns by herself for a ceremony that will bring her the coveted power. After having caused the death of George, the yacht docks on an African coast and the young woman flees. Philip, with the help of Harry, the captain, sets out to find her.

  • 1968
  • Cliff Owen
  • English