Children from around the world are invited to write to Monaco’s Santa Claus


For the last twelve years, Santa Claus has opened up his administrative office inside the Monaco post office. Like last year and the years before, he is inviting children from around the world to send him their wishes.

It’s never too┬áearly to start talking about Christmas, right?

Just a little more than one month before the Christmas festivities begin, Santa Claus is opening his office at the Monaco postal center. For those who have already made the transition to being paperless, he also has a website. Santa and his loyal team of Christmas professionals will be working around the clock up until December 24th.

While Santa and his Christmas elves are busying themselves with gift preparation, the administrative office will manage incoming letters from children. Regardless of whether they are addressed┬áto “Mr. Claus, 1 Evergreen Lane, North Pole,” or to “Santa Claus, Snow Castle at the Top of the World,” the team will process all letter indiscriminately.┬á Each will receive an individual reply from Mr. Claus’ secretary.

What Santa Claus wants to see, read, and feel

Messages of love, adoration, and of course gift wishes are welcome, so long as they carry the Christmas spirit. Letters should be positive and uplifting, and full of the promise of youth.

Writing to Santa Claus in Monaco is quite simple. Just address a letter or pretty drawing to him in an envelope. Drop the letter into any mailbox throughout the Principality, or in the special box in the center of the Metropole’s mall.

Get in touch with Monaco’s Santa online or by mail

For the paperless option, lead your child to

To be sure to get an answer from the white-bearded fellow, write a return address on the envelope or drawing, and to ensure that their name and address is readable.