To ensure harmonization with the Gardens of Apolline, Helios can be raised

According to a sovereign order, the Helios will have the opportunity to gain height. An elevation that is currently “not on the agenda”.

The Apolline Gardens will benefit from reconstruction work that includes an elevation because the modification of the Gardens of Apolline comes to break the harmony.

“This operation was part of overall scheduling, following coherent altimetry on this block. In order to maintain this initial urban vision of the area, it is proposed to act, in symmetry, a possible elevation two levels on the neighbouring building, the Helios.”

On the side of the National Council, it is rather to believe the elected majority, Franck Lobono, in charge of housing. “Any initiative that does not disfigure Monaco and is likely to increase the number of housing is good to take!” But then, what about the work? When is it? How many accommodations?

When asked about this, the government decided: “The direction of the Prospective, Urbanism and Mobility has presented the Sovereign Ordinance of urbanism which endorses the elevation of the Gardens of Apolline, and which provides for consistency a possible elevation of Helios, which is not the order of the day.”