Monaco: More births, less marriages in 2018


The Monaco City Council has just published the figures from the Civil Registry service of the past year. Two phenomena are worth noting: the number of births/deaths increased compared to 2017 while the number of marriages decreased. Find some of the details below.

The Princess Grace Hospital (CHPG) spent 2018 rich with yelps of joy and crying babies. In fact, 983 births were recorded, 30 more than in 2017 according to the official figures of the Civil Registry. The latter’s mission is to record the main events that mark the life of each individual, namely births, marriages, and deaths. For the record, 524 boys were born with 459 girls. The most popular names? Lea for girls, Gabriel for boys!

An aging population

Another increase was observed in the statistics: the number of deaths. In 2018, 528 people died compared to 490 from the year before. This rise in the death toll is expected to be cyclical given the growing aging of the Monegasque and French population. In contrast, marriage is noticeably less fashionable. Only 183 marriages were celebrated in the Principality in 2018, compared to 206 last year. In that number, only 7 of them united two people of Monegasque nationality… Note, finally, that the number of divorces has slightly increased with 78 registered divorces in 2018 (against 69 in 2017). I guess we’ll have to keep an eye on the statistics to see if marriage becomes more popular, divorce rates rise or fall, or whether the girls catch up with the boys.

*Originally reported on the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.