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M6 teams arrive in the South and seek Monegasques

The famous show broadcast on M6 starts its pre-selection campaign. And even if the show is called France has an incredible talent, the team is very much interested in the candidates of Monaco.

Monaco has an incredible talent. Yes, Yes! Promised! In any case, Fremantle, the production company of the show La France has an incredible talent, is convinced.

“In the past, there were the Acro Girlz, and Charlotte and Nicolas, we are convinced that Monaco is an important pool of talent,” says Clemence Rebeyrat, who looks forward to applications.


Then on March 13, 14, 15 and 16, a production team will be in the region, meeting the rare pearls: “We are moving to get closer to the candidates. We are aware that not everyone can no go to Paris to audition, and we do not want to risk missing a talent.”


So, Paris will come to Monaco. Or almost: the teams will come to Nice and Cannes, then to Marseille. A team will be in charge of meeting the preselecting talents who have taken the trouble to send an application.

“What we are asking is to send us a two-minute video showing what the candidates want to do, and a presentation of themselves.” More than ever, you have to sell yourself, identify what makes you a particular artist, because what the public likes is also telling a story.

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Last year, the dance number on spousal violence, or the number of an epileptic girl who trained her dog, was a phenomenal success with viewers.

Singers, jugglers, acrobats or other trainers and magicians are invited to come forward and to highlight the peculiarities of their journey. “Even if there are things to work on again, the candidates can be selected, and we look for talent that has potential.”

By the end of May, the successful candidates will be presented to M6, who will decide if you will be able to meet the jury, composed again this year of Hélène Ségara, Eric Antoine, Marianne James and Sugar Sammy.

The key to this incredible journey: a huge visibility and a small check of 100,000 euros. Two essential assets to boost the career of an artist.

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