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The reform of Monaco’s labor laws on the horizon

Didier Gamerdinger, the government adviser to the Minister of Social Affairs and Health, shared the plans he is making for his pole’s next steps. His vision includes revisiting the status of temporary workers, the digitization of formalities and the status of trade unions.

Some laws, however virtuous, are not necessarily adapted to contemporary society. That was Didier Gamerdinger’s realization when he deepened his research into the issue of labor law in Monaco. For example, interim contracts are currently regulated in the Principality by a charter. The advisor would prefer to have specific legislation governing this type of contract, which will allow temporary workers to enjoy a better status, leading to a more modern service. In the coming month, he will send a drafted bill to the pertinent social partners. In the same way, the omnipresence of the paper communication within companies and administrative services has made Mr. Gamerdinger acutely aware of the need for their digitization. His concept to remedy this traffic is to grant an equivalence of legal value between paper and digital documents.

Union restructuring

The crucial question addressed during the press briefing this week by the Principality remains that of the organization of trade unions. Governed by a status dating back to the immediate post-war period, which now requires a better notion of representation. Wishing to integrate those who are primarily concerned by this new reflection, Mr. Gamerdinger has elicited the idea of a participative consultation including these social partners. In particular, the adviser wants to simplify the steps needed to create a union. He also intends to propose longer terms to elected officials in office. All ideas that heading in the right direction and that will undoubtedly inspire the ministerial teams currently in charge of interpreting the functioning of the unions according to the labor law of their various European countries.


*Article originally published on the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.

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