MonacoTech welcomes five new startups in late May

MonacoTech welcomes five new startups
MonacoTech welcomes five new startups

At the end of the call for projects, launched in February 2019, and after the various selection process stages, five new startups will integrate the MonacoTech incubator starting May 28th.

MonacoTech, the incubator-accelerator co-founded by Xavier Niel and the Principality is welcoming five new innovative companies, after a nearly four-month-long selection process. FGWRS, Suncy Concept, Oghji, OneM, and Adlive will enter the MonacoTech premises next Tuesday to join O’Sol, Lanéva, and Surgisafe, which have already enjoyed the business accelerator’s services. The selected startups are developinf projects in the areas of sustainable development, ecology, and finance.

FGWRS, innovative gray water recycling processes

FGWRS is developing a technology to better control and preserve our drinking water resources. Their technology is the result of research carried out by FIRMUS France on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the monitoring of the operation of this process since 2005 at the Concordia Antarctic Research Station.

Suncy concept, the 100% solar navigation solution.

Suncy Concept has developed solar catamarans that employ eco-responsible and autonomous energy propulsion systems. Designed for coastal navigation, the boats have already been tested by the general public and will soon be put into service in luxury hotels as well as in coastal towns. Suncy Concept also offers a dedicated booking interface, and will soon allow access to the pleasure craft, with or without a license.

Oghji, the smart switchboard for the betterment of ecology

Oghji is developing a new generation of “active” electrical panels offering flexibility, comfort, and savings. They interact with the consumer by providing him with all relevant information to manage his installation and save energy.

oneM, the return on investment for retirement capital

oneM is an online insurance that has developed a repayment concept combined with a retirement package of your choice. Users save money for retirement without changing their daily expenses and online shopping habits.

Adlive, the simple and effective SaaS platform for managing and marketing web and mobile advertising space.

Adlive is the first transactional social platform for buyers and sellers of digital advertising space to optimize their advertising operations through automation using a model without intermediaries. The solution also allows you to take advantage of sophisticated digital media trading services through an artificial intelligence algorithm.

*Article originally published on the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.