The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is undoubtedly one of the favorite places for children and where parents love coming back to over and over. It offers a plethora of animations year-round, and also throughout summer, with fish and sea turtles sharing all their secrets!

Timeless and fascinating visit after visit, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is where thousands of wonders can be discovered and rediscovered. Until September 1st, the museum has set up a whole summer program of fun and activities (some free, some paid access) for the whole family, which will delight one and all. First, Immerseave 360° offers an immersive diving experience, through two virtual reality films: Shark Island, where you can get close to big sharks, accompanying the team of divers who are marking them to better know their way of life, and the Survey of troubled waters, where we can discover all the biodiversity of Malpelo off the coast of Colombia. Amazement and thrills guaranteed!

Feed the fish and turtles + so much more

For once, children will have the right to touch marine animals with the animations at the tactile pool, where one can observe a baby shark and hold a starfish, as well as feed the animals! You can also observe the feeding of the different fish of the Aquarium (always a highly anticipated moment), as well as the turtles, whose specially designed island is located on the museum roof. You can even, every day at 11:15 am, attend the preparation of meals for all these aquatic residents.

Finally, in addition to the various guided tours, engage your children in an internship at the Snapper Club! For a period of five days, 8-12-year-olds will be able to more closely observe all the fish, jumping into the shoes of aquarium keepers in training as they shadow a team of specialists. A unique experience in the heart of one of the most fabulous places in the Principality!

*Article originally published in the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.