10 reasons why Monaco is a water sports lover’s dream

Monaco: A sailer's paradise © mazsoka / Pixabay

With one of its borders being the Mediterranean Sea, it’s no wonder Monaco has a close affinity water. To be more specific, water sports. With its old town – Le Rocher – jutting out majestically into the ocean, there can’t be many better backdrops to enjoy and spectate water sports and water events than the glittering principality of Monaco.


1. Explore what lies beneath

Monaco offers rich scuba and snorkelling opportunities via diving centres and boat hies both within the principality and just to its west. The waters around Monaco are abundant with diverse marine life with beautiful underwater terrain, including moray eels and scorpion fish and reefs and caves.

Marine life in the Monaco aquarium © wami82 / Pixabay

2. Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series

The Yacht Club de Monaco is one of the principalities leading clubs and from November until march it runs its Sportsboat Winter Series. This event offers a monthly programme alternating high level regattas and training weekends for onedesigns yachts.


3. Monaco Yacht Show

The four-day Monaco Yacht Show is one of the most anticipated events on the principality’s calendar. Taking place in Port Hercules, it is Europe’s biggest in-water display of superyachts of over 20 metres long.

The Monaco Yacht Show takes place this year from 23rd – 26th September 2020.


4. Monte-Carlo Bay Resort & Hotel

Waterside hotels don’t get much better than the Monte-Carlo Bay Resort & Hotel.  Located on a mini peninsula in the east of the principality, this dazzling hotel boasts 4 hectares of gardens featuring waterfalls, solariums, a pool and a lagoon.


5. Lavotto Beach

Could frolicking in the Mediterranean count as a water sport?! Probably not. But swimming definitely is, so if you’re after a relax water-side and you’re on a budget, Lavotto beach is just the ticket. Sparkling sand and an attractive view back onto Monaco’s coastline


6. Boat Tours, Jet skis and more

Really, anythihg is possible in Monaco. Whether that is exploring the coastline on a chartered boat for your family (you can normally rent a boat like this for up to 12 people), or getting your andreline kick hitting the waves on a jetski or flyboard. Booking online in advance is advisable.


7. Rainier III Nautical Stadium

The municipal sports complex  located in the middle of the Hercule port is a real gem for visitors to Monaco. Olympic in size, with a slide, diving boards and parasols and deckchairs to hire around its edge, it is the perfect place to cool off. Prices start from a very reasonable €3.30, making it available to all.

Cooling off in the municipal pool © SylwiaSylwia / Pixabay

8. Whale watching

Yes, you can see whales off the coast of Monaco! Private charter yachts can take watchers out to the marine reserve for the chance to spot whales, dolphins, sea turtles and more.


9. VIP Fishing Experience

If the thought of spending a day on the water, with nothing but the bobbing horizon in sight and the possibility of a Blue Fin Tuna, Mahi-Mahi or Swordfish catch (and release!) on the cards, then Monaco is for you. You can also be assured that you’ll have a VIP fishing experience from charters who know the waters and will ensure you have the experience you’re after.


10. Celebrate at Fête de la Mer

Every summer, the Yacht Club de Monaco throws the ultimate celebration linked to the sea: the Fête de la Mer. The highlight is always a boat parade between Monaco’s two harbours, but also featured is a giant harbour water slide plus the chance to get involved with introductory sessions of sailing, kite-surfing, paddle boarding, sea kayaking and more.

Fête de la Mer takes place this year on 27th June.