Apero Pizza Etc

Open Tuesday to Friday noon till 2pm and 7pm until 10pm, as well as on weekends from 6pm till 10pm, Apéro Pizza etc offers many dishes at reasonable prices. As its name suggests, pizza is their speciality. What is so special about the restaurant? Its ingredients: 100% organic pasta and tomato sauce. In addition to this, it is possible to order a pizza with a completely organic topping. From cheese to vegetables to meat. It is also possible to opt for a gluten-free pizza.

It was Hervé Garibaldi, a pizza maker in Menton, who concocted all the recipes: “I worked for almost six months to develop the gluten-free dough. After hundreds of tests, I managed to obtain a nice crispy, yet soft crust from rice and corn flours.” The chef also takes care of making the desserts, providing home-made tiramisu and tarts. He also creates slates of cold meats and cheeses to accompany your drinks.

Pizzas can be delivered, but so can their wine and charcuterie slates. In order to go one step further delivery drivers use electric cars, in order to be more eco-friendly and reduce pollution.