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The centre offers personalised sports coaching, fitness, weight loss, wellness and numerous beauty treatments. All services are provided by well-trained, qualified coaches.

The centre date back to the 1970s, when Russian astronauts were the first to use vibration training to combat the loss of bone density they suffered after long spaceflights. Indeed, years later (2000 & 2007), NASA went on to adopt this type of training for their astronauts. Having proven its effectiveness in combating loss of bone density and muscle wasting, these astronauts knew the Power Plate would become the workout of the future. Moreover, it was classified as a Class 2 medical device in 2009 and has been the subject of numerous scientific studies.

In other words, the Power Plate helps tone and build core strength. Many of the exercises have been taken from standard workouts and gymnastics, then adapted for use on the vibration machine. The machine’s vibrations provoke intense muscle contractions all over the body, at a rate of 35 per second. This stimulation allows the muscles to be used at 97% of their capacity, compared to 30% during normal training. It is therefore three times more efficient and up to ten times faster at achieving results!