ICI Salad Bar & Pâtisseries

Offering eight types of salad, 42 toppings and nine different sauces, this salad bar has a multitude of choices to create a personalised meal. ICI Salad Bar serves fresh and healthy meals for a rich and balanced diet. This is why, since its creation in 2014, it has attracted Monégasque citizens, residents, commuters and tourists. In fact, this place very quickly became one of the main “healthy” destinations in Monaco. At the same time, its generosity, the freshness of its products, design and quality have all contributed to the success of the brand.

In other words, Ici Salad Bar lets customers design their own meal in order to cater to all tastes and dietary requirements. In addition, the “Healthy Innovante” range has been introduced. This means vegetarian, vegan, lactose and gluten-free dishes are all labelled readily available. Guests will also be able to enjoy homemade sandwiches, pies, soups, hot dishes and woks. Contrary to a classic salad bar, this establishment’s aim is to offer as much choice as possible.