Le Salon Rose

For lunch or dinner, Le Salon Rose invites you to sample dishes from Monaco and elsewhere in a cosy and intimate setting. In this intimate boudoir-style restaurant, which has a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean, the plates are as beautiful as they are generous. In addition, fresh and seasonal products have been subtly blended to compose their menu: Asia and the Mediterranean have never been so close! Indeed, salads, pasta, tartars and garnished dishes flourish there. These dishes are all complimented by a selection of wines.

Furthermore, the Salon Rose is a haven of tranquillity for gamblers and walkers. Formerly a literary salon, the restaurant still carries the charm of those discussions, of people sharing knowledge and wisdom. In fact, you only have to look up to admire Les Fumeuses, sweet allegories of pleasure painted by the Italian Massimiliano Gallelli. It is worth knowing that if you spend over €30 here, then your entrace ticket to the Monte-Carlo Casino will be reimbursed.