Noura – Hotel l’Hermitage Monte-Carlo

Noura’s menu features classic lebanese dishes. Whether you have never tried this cuisine before, or you know exactly what you like, there is something for everyone. Since 1989, Noura has been striving to convey oriental values through Lebanese cuisine. Among the values are: excellence, generosity, quality products and making sure to listen to customers.

In addition, the establishment pays incredible attention to detail, in terms of the produce they choose and how they prepare it. It is this quest for excellence that makes the restaurant stand out. Indeed, every action counts and the team strives to meet customer expectations by providing the warmest service possible. A mixture of tradition and innovation, the Lebanese cuisine remains authentic since the chefs are inspired by culinary knowledge passed down through many generations. Here, you will be able to taste Lebanon’s signature dish: the mezze. This is a symbol of unity and togetherness in the country.