The Good Thief

© The Good Thief

The Good Thief is a French-British film written and directed by Neil Jordan in 2002 from a screenplay by Jean-Pierre Melville and Auguste Le Breton, remake of Bob le flambeur.

Bob Montagnet has lost his touch. For this former art-loving thief, life is nothing but a succession of smoke-filled nights around seedy gambling tables. When he loses what money he has left at the races, Bob hits rock bottom. His old friend and accomplice, Raoul, suggests that he stage a heist. In a last-ditch effort, Bob comes up with a fabulous plan, an exceptional robbery based on not just one, but two burglaries… With Roger, the cop who never lets him down, he puts together a crack team to prepare his greatest trick of all…

  • 2002
  • Neil Jordan
  • French