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For his resolutions, Prince Albert reminds that the Principality “is a haven”

This past Monday evening, the TV channel Monaco Info and the Palace’s social networks broadcast Prince Albert’s new year’s resolutions to the Monegasque population. Serenity and trust were┬ákey concepts that the Prince insisted on throughout the emission.

“While the period we are going through is marked by tensions of all kinds, the end-of-year celebrations are a great opportunity to pause and recharge.” Prince Albert II solemnly expressed his wishes for the Principality and his greetings for the population in a message greetings to the population, which were broadcast Monday night on the channel Monaco Info and the Palace’s social networks.

Gravity, good measure, objectivity

The ruler praised those who actively express their “dedication” and “altruism” to “relieve the suffering” associated with the time’s current trials. But he also expressed the wish for “new constructive prospects for the year 2019,” insisting that, in this troubled international context, the Rock “is a haven in many ways.” Gravity, good measure, objectivity in decision making, are the precious characteristics of a Principality that “remains steadfast in its qualities” in order to “serenely build its future in trust”.


The Prince invited young people to “open up to the world” keeping in mind the wealth “of our specificities.” He then paid tribute to vulnerable people, especially the elders, guarantors of the transmission and values shared by all Monegasques.

The Prince concluded his brief intervention of 2 minutes with a “happy new year, buon anno nuovo” addressed in his name and that of the noble family.

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