Stéphane Valeri responds firmly to the leader of the Union of Monaco Trade Unions

“Stephane Valeri said that Monaco’s social model is exemplary and that it does not leave anyone at the edge of the road, and if that’s not a big lie, it’s really close to it.”

Olivier Cardot, Deputy Secretary General of the USM, did not go with the back of spoon during the demonstration on Thursday. The President of the National Council counterattacks.

Asked about the accusation of lies against him, the President of the National Council, Stéphane Valeri, does not see the merits of the dispute and little taste the attitude of the union representatives: “I note that obviously, the USM is once again looking for controversy, and in recent months everyone will have seen a disturbing radicalization of the communication of this trade union organization.”

“The best answer I can give them is to remind them that 45,000 employees come every day from France and Italy, sometimes from far away, to find a more attractive job in our country, with a higher net income, better family benefits and health insurance, and better pensions.”

“Yes, our social model is very efficient: Monegasques, residents and the vast majority of employees in the Principality are well aware of this, and the figures for mobilisation are down. our model, The princely government and the National Council, are currently working on it, for example, to better take into account the hardness of night work or to supervise the temporary agency sector better. “

“No, no offence to some, Monaco is not a social hell.”