Monaco 360 °: Work on the Monegasque pavilion for Dubai 2020 is underway

Monaco 360 °- Work on the Monegasque pavilion for Dubai 2020 is underway
Monaco 360 °- Work on the Monegasque pavilion for Dubai 2020 is underway

Monaco looks forward to shining in Dubai during the next World Expo. The work on the Principality’s pavilion started a few days ago, almost a year before the opening. In the form of a kaleidoscope, the idea is to discover the Principality in a new light.

The next World Expo will be held in 2020, in Dubai. This 70th edition will be held from October 20th 2020 to April 10th, 2021, and will make the main city of the United Arab Emirates the center of the world for several months. A concentration of cultures and discoveries during which Monaco intends to make its voice heard. Thus, on October 25th, the construction work of the pavilion dedicated to the Principality was officially launched, less than a month after the delivery of the parcel that will host it. 190 countries will gather around a global theme: connecting minds, building the future. To show itself in its best light, Monaco chose to interpret the theme through  “Monaco 360°, a World of Opportunities”.

A kaleidoscope reminiscent of the Rock

Monaco Inter Expo will manage the site that covers an area of ​​1,770 m2. The pavilion itself will cover 1,480 m2 and should take the form of a kaleidoscope reminiscent of the Rock. Each of its facets should reflect one of the characteristics of the Principality, its actions and its diversity, with concentration given to several axes: arts and culture, science and biomedical research, protection and biodiversity of the oceans, innovations and technologies and explorations, and international collaboration. The experience should combine a historical, sensory and gustatory approach. The goal is precisely to present Monaco’s special ways of life, a facet of the Principality that is still largely unknown to the general public. The pavilion will be in the Opportunities branch of the exhibition, which will be in the form of three petals. More than 25 million visitors are expected at this event.

*Article originally published in the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.