The Villa Paloma and the Villa Sauber are currently hosting three exhibitions. These end between October 27th and November 3rd. Until then, entry into these three events is free. A generous opportunity to discover the activity of a dynamic cultural institution and their perfect arrangement!

Inaugurated in April, the installation Ombre d’Azure, a play on transparency created by Ettore Spalletti, continues to resound throughout the Villa Paloma’s space with thirty or so pastel works by one of the masters of the dialogue between classicism and contemporary style. The exhibition is part of a series highlighting artists located outside trends and fashions, and which defines the mission of the New National Museum of Monaco. It will be visible, free of charge, until November 3rd. One of three exhibitions that will please the artistically inclined.

Villa Sauber: a double program

Until October 27th, two different exhibitions will be held at the Villa Sauber: visitors will be able to see in STEP BY STEP items from Fabrizio Moretti’s collection. An eclectic ensemble, this event confronts periods, genres and formats to better appreciate the collector’s highly inspired taste.

Since September 13th, this exhibition has been joined in the same building by the return of the residence of Oriol Vilanova. This artist has worked the past school year with fourth graders in the Plastic Arts of the Principality option resulting in a presentation of works sometimes born of this transgenerational collaboration. One collection may hide another will also be visible until October 27th.

*Article originally published in the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.