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Monaco’s preparations for World Expo in Dubai in full swing

Monégasque Pavillion World Expo Dubai
© Communications Department / Pradeep Mohan / Shazia Mirza

Postponed for a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the World Expo in Dubai will finally take place from the 1 October 2021 until 31 March 2022. In the meantime, the Principality continues to work on the Monégasque pavilion and prepare for the exposition.

In Dubai, the Monégasque Pavilion is almost complete. It will host the exhibition “Monaco 360°, a World of Opportunities“, the theme chosen by the Principality for the next universal exhibition.


Monaco has more to offer than the Grand Prix and casinos

“My ambition has been to prepare a universal exhibition which will demonstrate a variety of activities taking place today in Monaco, not just those associated with the Grand Prix or a casino,” explained Albert Croesi, Managing Director of the Monégasque in Pavilion, during a recent interview, from Dubai, with news channel Monaco Info. “More specifically, those related to medicine, science, art, culture, education and even safety,” he added.

Solar panels now connected to Dubai’s electricity network

As the project takes shape, Albert Croesi is delighted to see how “things are advancing so quickly” and simply cannot wait for the highly anticipated “D-day”. “We’re almost there now, it’s so satisfying!”

On the 28 March, a commission from the Principality, which included Minister of State Pierre Dartout, attended the ceremony to connect the solar panels from the Monégasque Pavilion to Dubai’s electricity network. This was done to produce twelve months of electricity on site to compensate for the six months the pavilion will be in operation.

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