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Luxury brand Eichholtz ‘furnishes new home’ in Monaco

eichholtz monaco
The Dutch firm's furniture is now on display in the Kamyar Moghadam showroom - © Clément Vautel

Kamyar Moghadam’s showroom  is the new venue.

Its reputation precedes it. The famous Dutch furniture brand Eichholtz has set up (a) home in the Principality, at expert decorator Kamyar Moghadam’s showroom.


Elegant and contemporary luxury furniture, lighting and accessories have been at the heart of the Eichholtz collections for thirty years. Although the brand is usually only available to professionals in the sector, it is now also open to private individuals .

And the prestigious brand has chosen the Boulevard des Moulins, near Fashion For Floors and Fashion For Homes, as its exhibition space. This new two-storey showroom used to house the Persian rugs sold by Alexander Moghadam, Kamyar’s father. Now completely refurbished, the venue lets you explore a real-life interior, with living room, bedroom, kitchen and office. The downstairs area serves as a VIP room.

Despite the originality and excellent quality of the collections on show, the prices remain affordable and there is substantial available stock.

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The showroom was inaugurated with great ceremony, with seven days of prestigious events, but also and above all a visit by Prince Albert II. The Sovereign even signed the guest book that Princess Grace had also signed when Alexander Moghadam’s shop opened more than fifty years ago.

prince albert ii eichholtz monaco
Prince Albert II came to visit the showroom © Michael Alesi / Prince’s Palace

Useful info:

  • Eichholtez by Moghadam
  • 23 Boulevard des Moulins, 98000 Monaco