La Montgolfière Henri Geraci

La Montgolfière Henri Geraci is a family restaurant offering a homely menu allowing you to discover Monegasque and Mediterranean cuisine. This jewel hidden in the old town of Monaco, can only accommodate 20 people and is renowned for its quality traditional cuisine. Just a few steps from the Prince’s Palace, rue Basse is the ideal place for a lunch break or a gourmet dinner. That’s why La Montgolfière (“hot air baloon” in French) chose to land on this small pedestrian street with Henri and Fabienne on board.

Chef Henri Geraci will share with you his passion for products, flavours and travel. This means that the rigour of the gestures, the precision of the agreements, the love of the true products and the unfailing will to make evolve the Mediterranean gastronomy are in the heart of his cooking. This one is simple, creative and full of flavour. Moreover, the promotion of local market products is a moral obligation for this experienced cook.