Le Train Bleu

Le Train Bleu is a dinner venue offering the sun-kissed flavorus of Italy. A Belle Époque atmosphere and gourmet cuisine are elegantly combined in a unique setting, right inside the Monte-Carlo Casino.
Wild fish, langoustines, lobsters, whole fish: seafood products are combined with artichokes, porcini mushrooms or aubergines according to the season… All plates on this gourmet menu are served with passion. A unique and refined experience, sommeliers will recommend wines, some of which many suprise you, to accompany the dishes made by Chef Saez-Manzanares. The chef runs the kitchens and has created a menu combining the multiple flavours of the Mediterranean. He is accompanied by primary sous-chef, Eric Rouvidant.

Welcoming guests for dinner, Le Train Bleu will host guests for as long as the Monto-Carlo Casino stays open. Gamblers enjoy taking a gourmet break here, whilst other visitors book in here to enhance their evening with a tasty and elegant dinner. Where does the restaurant’s name come from? At the beginning of the 20th century, the only way to reach the Principality was by train. A true reproduction of a dining car, Le Train Bleu is an elegant tribute to this golden age. Amongst the paintings, colours and woodwork, everything inside is reminiscent of the splendours of a passenger train in the Belle Époque.