© Montecarlo

A gambler very much in debt sets his cap for a beautiful woman, not knowing that she is also penniless. Starring Marlene Dietrich and Vittorio de Sica.

Count Dino Giocondo Della Fiaba has squandered his family’s colossal fortune at the Monte Carlo gambling tables. He manages to survive thanks to Hector, his butler, and his friends, who, unable to bear to see their master in destitution, lend him a few francs every evening, which he promptly spends gambling at the casino’ and invariably loses. But the situation becomes so critical that they end up wanting him to marry rich. The game is not won though, because the Count does not want to lose his freedom. Until that is, the day he meets the dazzling Marquise Marie de CrĂšvecoeur.

  • 1957
  • Samuel A. Taylor
  • English