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Sacré Cœur, Monaco

Originally built as a Jesuit church at the beginning of the 20th century, the Church of the Sacred Heart of Monaco became a parish church in 1965. A Catholic religious building, the church is part of the Sacré-Cœur Saint-Martin parish.

Located in the “Les Moneghetti” district, the church was consecrated in 2015. It is a religious building and a place dedicated to Catholic worship. The Church of the Sacred Heart had been blessed in 1929, but had never been consecrated, as the financial crisis of 1929 and the Second World War were more of a concern. Eighty-six years later, the building was officially proclaimed Catholic after renovation work began in 2013 and lasted eighteen months. This rejuvenation was made possible thanks to a government grant and the help of many of the faithful.

Architecturally, the church is built around a single nave of 20 metres by 10 metres. The vault paintings cover an area of almost 500 m2. Restored in 2013 by Pauline Lascourrèges, they were painted by the Italian painter Franzoni in 1930. They include four paintings representing: Pilate’s “Ecce homo” presenting to the crowd Jesus beaten and crowned with thorns, Jesus’ words “Let the little children come to me”, the multiplication of the loaves, and the forgiven sinner.

In addition, the new organ installed in 2016 comes from the Brondino Vegezzi-Bossi factory in Centallo (Cuneo). It is blessed by the Archbishop of Monaco, Mgr Bernard Barsi. It has 3 manuals, 30 stops and a romantic-symphonic aesthetic. However, it allows classical or contemporary music to be played thanks to the wide range of keyboards.