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Work on building sites to be allowed from Monday to Friday only to improve quality of life

The Monaco government has chosen to amend the ministerial decree to prohibit construction sites at the weekends, citing for the quality of life in a country surrounded by work.
It is a subject of recurring discussions. Both during the campaign for national elections, on the terraces of cafes in the Place d’Armes or on social networks. There are too many building sites in the Principality, too much work, too much noise. All of this undermines the quality of life in the city.

Hence, the government, this week, has decided to take matters in their own hands. They published two ministerial decrees that will issue new rules for the supervision of building sites.


In order to find “a balance between structuring work for the future of Monaco and the quality of life of residents,” confirmed Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, government-minister advisor for Equipment, Urban Planning and Environment during a meeting with the press.

The most important measure of this new legal framework is to ban work on construction sites on Saturdays. No more activities will be tolerated on weekends. And two truces in the year will be systematized: for the end-of-year holidays, from December 24th to January 1st. As well as in August.

Clearly, the new ministerial order hardens the legislation. “No derogation will be granted, the only derogation outside the hours, which could be valid, will be exceptional when it is necessary for technical reasons in the realization of the site,” confirms Marie-Pierre Gramaglia.

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In return, the work is now authorized from Monday to Friday, from 7:30 to 19 hours. A schedule, that is imposed on all building professionals.

“Certainly, working hours will be lost on Saturday, but in the week, workers are now allowed to arrive before 8 am on the sites to make up the lost time. On the other hand, the mandatory stop from noon to 1 pm is also removed. Sure the lunch time will be a bit nosiy, but not so much. This will result in the quality of life of the inhabitants of periods of respite without work,” promises the councilor of government, which explains having met the professionals of the building several times to exchange on this subject and to find a consensus.

The measure is also accompanied by a new willingness to communicate around the work.“We can withstand some nuisance by being warned. So we will strengthen communication with local residents, with continuous information and a reference by site,” confirms Marie-Pierre Gramaglia.

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