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Migrant Smuggler Stopped in Monaco


A Moroccan migrant smuggler was stopped in Monaco. The male smuggler was driving a vehicle with Nigerian passengers who were illegally present in the Monégasque territory. When the driver refused to step out of his vehicle, police removed him with force.

A recent report (FR) from Nice Matin recounts the stop and detainment of a migrant smuggler this past Sunday just before 1 PM. Driving a vehicle registered with license plates from the Rhône region, the Moroccan driver was stopped by police. The car was carrying three Nigerian immigrants.  They were on the Place d’Armes, headed toward the Place du Palais.

The area, however, is restricted to vehicles registered to Monaco and the Alpes-Maritimes region. The automobile’s Rhône registration tipped off two police officers who stopped the car and the driver. Upon the stop, they discovered two of the passengers lacked legal residency documents.


Resistance and intimidation

The report claims that following the stop, the driver refused to show the necessary paperwork for the vehicle and that he was not insured. The driver made it clear that he would not exit by his own will, at which point the officers called for reinforcements. Five extra officers came to the scene with the aim of removing the man by force.

The scene escalated as the officers approached the man who rebuked them with a flurry of insults. The man now claims to have been assaulted physically by the officers.

The man was brought to correctional court on Monday where he aired his complaints: “Why did they force me to step out of the car? I was following the law! They hit me! They don’t have the right to do that…” The judge replied: “Are you accusing these sworn officials of lying? What do you have against them? You were manually removed from the car because you refused to come out.” He replied brashly: “Yes, I know the law! They are not supposed to strike me. I am not a dog!”

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According to testimony from the officers, the man threatened to return to the site with his friends, intending to cause a scene on the Place du Palais. Three of the officers are demanding damages of up to 1,000€ incurred on behalf of the person.

All said and done…

Monégasque penal code does not currently address migrant smugglers meaning that the man cannot be pressed with these charges.  The man received 8 days in prison for the public infraction, and he is required to transfer the symbolic fine of one euro to the civil court.



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