“Trees for Water,” the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s latest cause


What best to offer your friends who are concerned with the environment? Why not a tree? Supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the “Trees for Water” program collects donations from individuals with the aim of strengthening the forests of central India. The program has a target of 50,000 trees planted in the coming years.

Ever-concerned with the current threats to our environment, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has been working since 2006 to support a diverse range of sustainable development programs. Among its main objectives is the preservation of the world’s forests, which play a vital role in soil protection and water conservation. In partnership with the Grow Trees association, the Foundation has launched the “Trees for Water” program to plant Teak and Bamboo along the rivers of Madhya Pradesh in central India, a region threatened by deforestation and global warming.

A tree with your name on it

The deal is simple: 5€ is enough to plant a tree. The donor will receive the newly planted tree’s details and its geographical location. To date, 252 trees have been planted thanks to the project, 1% of the end target. A more than acceptable price point for a special, original gift for a green friend.

*Originally reported on the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.