New bicycle and personal transport vehicle (EDP) regulations will be implemented in March

MonaBikes © Kevin.B / Wikimedia Commons

Due to an increase of bicycles and other personal transport vehicles (EDP) both motorised and not in the principality, the government has unveiled new regulatory provisions to ensure road safety and the smooth running of traffic.


New regulations concerning bicycles was first to be discussed at the Ministry of State. The minimum age of use will now be dropped from 16 to 14. Secondly, all minors are required to wear helmets. Lastly, bicycles should circulate on the roads and bicycle lanes, but can use the bus lanes.

Personal transport vehicles have also had some updates to their regulations. These include “non-motorised” vehicles, such as scooters, skateboards and rollerblades, being required to use the sidewalk. In the motorised category, the new regulations for electric scooters are as follows: They are permitted to circulate on the roads; they must be equipped with brakes, horn, lights and a reflecting device; and a helmet and retro-reflective clothing must be worn by the user up to 18 years of age. Finally, great news for hoverboard and gyropod users who are now permitted on the principality’s cycle paths.


205% increase of MonaBike use in 2019

Over the last two years, there has been a huge increase in trips using the self-service bicycle MonaBike. In 2018, 82,000 trips were recorded, which increased incredibly to 250,000 last year. This figure is predicted to increase again after the installation of new docking stations this year. Currently, there are 300 MonaBikes in circulation with 35 stations spread across the principality. MonaBike is free for the first half an hour, with tariffs starting at 1€ for 60 minutes and yearly contracts available.