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Prince Albert II joins the white card campaign

prince albert ii monaco peace and sport day un unesco
Prince Albert II and Joël Bouzou celebrating the day in 2017 /

This April 6th Prince Albert II of Monaco showed his support for the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. An initiative set up by the United Nations to promote peace through sport, it aims to nurture the values of equality, inclusion, and solidarity across the world. It is organised in conjunction with the World Health Organisation to combat sedentary lifestyles.



Prince Albert showed his support for the #WhiteCard campaign on social media in a Facebook video address. The digital campaign acts as this year’s form of recognition, given the almost worldwide ban on group sports and gatherings in general.

“In regular times, sport provides a platform for people to come together physically,” said the sovereign. “Today sport through the white card sends a message of connectivity, hope, and solidarity on social networks.”

“Today sport through the white card sends a message of connectivity, hope, and solidarity on social networks”

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The sovereign reminded us that “every crisis is an opportunity”, hoping the current pandemic would be a global reminder of the need for unity. “During this confinement period, we must envision the future and choose to travel down the path of worldwide solidarity, dialogue, and cooperation,” said the Prince.

He ended the address with a hopeful look toward what will come after the pandemic. “We must continue promoting the positive values of sport and peace for our benefit today and for a fairer world in the future.”

The Peace and Sport campaign was created in 2007 by Joël Bouzou, Olympic medallist and world champion in the pentathlon. He initially founded the day in order to be help children whose daily life is affected by conflict, leaving little room for physical well-being.

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AS Monaco have shown support for the day by adding a white card to their logo.


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