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COVID-19: Monaco eases social distancing measures

COVID-19: Monaco eases social distancing measures

The Prince’s Government and the representatives of the National Council met for the 11th time on June 18th to discuss the decisions taken and to be taken in regard to COVID-19 and the economic situation of the Principality.

Discussions began by assessing Monaco’s current COVID-19 situation, which ended its screening campaign on June 13th. Almost 35,000 residents and employees were tested. Only 2.8% of antibody tests proved positive and were the subject of further examinations. Only one ongoing case of COVID-19 was detected and was contacted by the Home Patient Follow-up Centre. Catch-up sessions, both free of charge and voluntary, will be organised on Tuesdays 23rd and 30th June, 7th and 14th July at the Espace Léo Ferré from 8.30 am to 6 pm.

New measures

The Prince’s Government and National Council also discussed other important points, namely:

  • Restaurants and cafés will now be able to seat 10 guests at the same table, as opposed to six previously. Reservations are no longer compulsory but are still strongly recommended.
  • People may now gather in public spaces in groups of 10 rather than 5.
  • With regard to the opening of European borders, Monaco’s authorities have confirmed their intention to “make every effort to welcome tourists this summer while controlling the borders, in order to ensure that the circulation of the virus on the national territory is under control”.
  • As the school year ends on June 26th, the Prince’s Government has not wished to modify the measures put in place. Pupils in the Principality will therefore not return to school.
  • Regarding economic aid, “the main objective is still continuing along the path already started in the State’s support for economic stakeholders and business owners” but it will be adapted slightly. Furthermore, as of July 1st, the Prince’s Government will set up a loan for companies who are struggling due to the pandemic’s consequences, as explained in La Gazette de Monaco.