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New guide will help businesses navigate Covid-19 assistance measures

Government of Monaco / Manuel Vitali

The Prince’s Government has published an online guide detailing all assistance measures in place to support Monaco’s businesses through the pandemic.


The guide is about 15 pages long and has been published on the Government’s website. It offers a comprehensive guide to all assistance measures in place to help businesses tackle the pandemic, as well as to Monaco’s 4-step recovery plan. The funds available for businesses and the modalities of partial unemployment are amongst the subjects covered by the guide.

Partial employment and exemption from employer’s contributions

“The guide offers an overview of the concrete help available to businesses and individuals, with a particular focus on supporting Monaco’s economy, its small businesses, its artisans and its shop owners,” explained Jean Castellini, Monaco’s Minister of Finance and Economy, during a press conference on 14 October.

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Following the pandemic, Monaco put in place extensive assistance measures for local businesses, including partial exemption from employer’s contributions and temporary unemployment, now prolonged until March 31st 2021.  

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