The world’s first book on superyachts published in Monaco

Superyacht Industry book
Arno Senoner / Unsplash

In collaboration with over 95 superyacht experts, Onboard Monaco has published the first book on the yacht industry.

The Superyacht Industry Book, released on 1st December 2020, calls itself “a state of the art reference for the yachting industry.” As the very first guide on the topic, this book promises readers an in-depth insight into the world of yachting.

The publication is the result of author Marcela de Kern Royer’s collaboration with experts who design, build, buy, sell, equip, support, operate and manage the world’s largest yachts.

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“A book like this was missing from our industry”

The book has already received widespread acclaim from the industry. “This book is a celebration of knowledge offered by some of the most influential people in yachting,” said Jonathan Beckett, CEO of Burgess, a yacht brokerage company.

Matteo Magherini, naval architect at Lateral, predicted that the book would “become the de-facto reference guide” to the industry. “A book like this was missing from our industry.”

How many yachts are there? How to choose a broker? Marcela de Kern Royer’s work focuses on mainly yachts of over 50 meters long and talks about everything from superyacht market to maritime law.

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An insight on yachting written by a Monaco resident

Marcela de Kern Royer is a Monaco resident and a member of the Yacht Club of Monaco. She combines a passion for yachting with a strong international academic background. She holds an MBA from Hult Business School in Boston and a bachelor in Business Administration from the International University of Monaco. Marcela is also the founder and first president of Young Professionals in Yachting (YPY) Monaco chapter.

Yachting is at the heart of the Principality. In fact, there are so many yachts in Monaco that the Principality, running out of space, has now bought the dealership of the Port of Ventimiglia in neighbouring Italy.

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