In brief

COVID-19: another restaurant closes following breach of safety measures


Another Monégasque restaurant has been forced to close its doors. The closure comes as the restaurant continued to breach Covid safety rules, despite several sanctions having already being issued last December.

On 22 January, the Directorate of Public Safety in Monaco took the decision to close the restaurant Steak’n’share due to their failure to comply with Covid safety measures. After previous inspections had already revealed the restaurant was breaching the rules, a stronger sanction has had to be enforced. As a result, the restaurant will now be closed for four days.

Other restaurants also forced to close

Steak’n’share is not the only restaurant subject to this restriction. Le Huit et Demi, la Brasserie de Monaco, Planet Sushi, le Beef Bar and even Cantinetta Antinori have all repeatedly been found to be in breach of the guidelines. In December 2020, they were all forced to close for a period of up to seven days.

Tough safety measures

Despite restaurants being allowed to stay open, it is not business as usual. Since 2 January 2021, only residents (including hotel guests) and commuters have been allowed to dine in the Principality. Once inside, guests and staff must abide by safety regulations:  staff have to wear masks, opening hours are strictly 11am-3pm, guests must book in advance in no more than groups of six, and a 1.5 metre distance between tables must be enforced.